Minty's events

Would you like to invite Minty to your event?

A Dalek at your event may sound like a cracking idea and it is. There are certain things you need to think about and prepare for, please read our FAQ's below prior to inviting him or hastily sending Minty a message.

  • Is it possible for Minty and his friends to attend my (your) event?

    The answer is quite simple, yes. Please read on as there are lots of things to consider.

  • Is there parking at your event reasonably close to the venue?

    If Minty needs to park his transport vehicle in paying car park, it should in close proximity to the venue and have wide access without steps. If your event is in the town center, a few hours parking could add a reasonable amount to your costs.

  • Can Minty fit through any doorway?

    Is there wide enough wheel chair access into you chosen venue (110cm door opening) basically he prefers double doors and a hard flat surface from the cark park to the doors of the venue. Cobbles or gravel aren't great to wheel a heavy object over.

  • Does he visit small venues?

    Minty is a full size Dalek and takes up a reasonable amount of floor space. To allow him to safely move about he will need a reasonable amount of space. Please consider if there enough space to safely move Minty around without him running over any feet or ankles ? (he's very, very heavy).

  • What age of person is going to be at the event?

    If young people (under 18) are going to be invited to you event you will need to provide a minimum of one (preferably two) body guards for Minty. Kids and young people can sometimes get very excited when there is a Dalek about and then cling on or pull him. For Minty that's a bit like two very burly chaps pulling your arms very hard in different directions. In short not pleasant! Young people can be very respectful, however there is always an element that will kick, headbut and punch Minty. He enjoys that as much as you would.

  • Minty's requiremnets seems a bit OTT, why do you need to inforce such strict rules?

    If you're not familiar with full size Daleks and how much they cost to buy, please visit This Planet Earth. Navigate to the Dalek price list but ensure you're sitting down before you do. (Now you'll understand the need for bodyguards, unless you have long pockets!)

  • Are there any costs involved in Minty attending my event?

    Minty does not charge but he does ask for petrol money to cover travelling expenses. Sadly his transport vehicle is not yet fitted with inter-galactic technology and still relies on petrol.

  • What does / can Minty do at my event?

    Before you book him, it's worth considering what you would like Minty to do and what support you are prepared to give him. An unaided Dalek 'monologue' can be like pulling teeth.
    A human chat-show host human to help and direct between him and the audience he is much better off. The gathered humans do not find Minty easy to relate with as there is no face and eye contact, which people of any age, especially kids need in order to have a relaxed chat. The most memorable events he's attended that would be considerd to have been entertaining had a human compare to facilitate the dialogue between Minty and the audience.

  • What does is the purpose of your event?

    What do you intend Minty and his friends to do at your event. Charity fundraising is OK but he is shy about other cash generating business events.

Hopefully the above points did not seem too unreasonable. A Dalek at your event really may be a fun idea and it is a great, fun way to entertain a crowd. When you have considered all the above points please feel free to send Minty a Web mail via the contact page. We will reply to all messages but please allow us 5 working days to do so.
Thank you